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By Geo f1
#857191 2006
Fernando Alonso was at the centre of controversy after he claimed there were people within the Renault formula one team who did not want him to win this year's world championship as it would mean fierce rivals McLaren could brandish the coveted No1 on their car next season.

After finishing second behind Michael Schumacher's Ferrari in Sunday's Chinese grand prix, Alonso said: "The whole team is gutted, apart from the handful of people who don't want me to take No1 to McLaren."

Υπηρχαν και τετοια ομως ε :vava:
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By Yugo_para_siempre
Geo f1 έγραψε:2006
"The whole team is gutted, apart from the handful of people who don't want me to take No1 to McLaren."

Υπηρχαν και τετοια ομως ε :vava:

Τι ήταν αυτά τα τέτοια;
Ότι όλη η ομάδα ήταν σκασμένη που έχασαν στην Κίνα εκτός από μια χούφτα γραφικών;
Το παρέθεσες για υποστήριξη του προηγούμενου ποστ σου;
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By g8777
Double points for the team and a better race pace than the rest of the weekend allowed us to cross the finish line in 6th and 7th place. A bit surprised by a penalty at the end of the race regarding how we should approach the corners or how we should drive the race cars. At no point do we want to do anything wrong at these speeds. I believe that without gravel on that corner, on any other corner in the world we will never be even investigated. In F1, with over 20 years of experience, with epic duels like Imola 2005/2006/ Brazil 2023, changing racing lines, sacrificing entry speed to have good exits from corners is part of the art of motorsport. We never drive at 100% every race lap and every corner, we save fuel, tires, brakes, so being responsible for not making every lap the same is a bit surprising. ... 0897426881


Η επομενη ομαδα του Ναντο θα εχει και αυτη πρασινο χρωμα. Ειναι συναισθηματικα δεμενος ρε παιδι μου με το χρωμα, πως να το κανουμε. Δωστου πρασινο και παρτου την ψυχη. Ελα να πρασινισουμε και πρασινα να ζησουμε και απο την πρασιναδα μας να φαει και η γελαδα μας . Και γιατι οχι; Με ΠΑΣΟΚ δεναμε τα σκλια με τα λουκανικα. Καθε μερα μπουζουκια, Παναθλητικος Ομιλος Τριγλιας "Ο Ηρακλης "Ποδοσφαιρική Α. Ε.- ΟΦΗ τελικος Κυπελλου , Κοκκινοι Γιγαντες-Ασπροι Ναντοι, Νακυ Αγαθου .

Αστουριας ( και λοιπες συνοικιες παγκοσμιως... ), συμβαινει τωρα:


Βγαινει ο Ναντο με το Π για ζεσταμα.
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By Geo f1
#860603 Οταν αυτο

Οδηγαει σε αυτο...

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By g8777

Το ζήτημα με τον Ναντο εν ολίγοις :iconcool:

Ότι μαστουρωνει με το δικό του σταφ. Όχι τα τσαχπινόπουλα :s_airkiss
που εκτρέφει , μαγκιά του που πρόλαβε πριν τα σαγηνεύσει άλλος.

Το δάγκωσε και αυτός το Ναντω και άντε να καθαρίσει τώρα. :iconcool:
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By g8777
#860738 Γκεακος: Θελω Damon Hill

Corto Maltese: Έχουμε στο σπίτι

Damon Hill στο σπίτι:

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By g8777
Alonso is always great to listen to, a hugely engaging character. Part of what makes him so entertaining is a certain self-mythology.


“Sometimes it did help me, sometimes it hurt me to be the owner of my destiny.

“I chose when to go from a team, when to join a team. I chose when to stop Formula 1. And I chose when to come back.

“And now I will choose what I do next year. I will not follow what others do, and they dictate my destiny. I will do it on my own, for good or for bad, it’s the way that I am.

“I don’t want to wait maybe until the summer, because I think that will be unfair for me and the team, if they have to find more options or things like that. But I don’t want to rush as well, and make a decision while my head is not into next year.”

When he talks of how important being in charge of his own destiny is to him, it’s very easy to believe him. He’s always marched to his own drumbeat.

When he claims that extends to not letting outside events influence his decision on where or if he will drive next year, it’s not quite so believable.

Alonso loves defying expectations – but by exceeding them. Few believed he’d find a way back into F1 after leaving it for a couple of years.

Once he’d succeeded in doing that, few believed it would lead to him fighting at the front a couple of seasons later, as he was in the first part of 2023.

Now maybe few believe he could find a feasible route to fighting for a third world title. Don’t bet against it.

The current upheaval in the driver market created by Lewis Hamilton’s move to Ferrari and the uncertainty around Max Verstappen and Red Bull potentially plays perfectly for Alonso.

He’s put a limit of his late 40s (he’s currently 42) for still being able to perform at the top level. If he can see a way of fighting for a title in that timeframe, he will not be having a conversation with himself about whether he wants to continue. That will happen only if he judges the circumstances do not promise that.

Δεχομαι καθημερινως πολλες ερωτησεις απο τα υψυλλοτερα κλιμακια του αθληματος.

G, ποιο πιστευεις οτι ειναι το πραγματικο θεμα με τον Ναντo;

Θα ειμαι σαφης. Αποκαλυπτω ποιο ΔΕΝ ειναι .

Δεν ειναι οτι δεν εχει καταλαβει ακομα οτι τον ρουφιανο ουδεις αγαπησε.

Δεν ειναι η εκδουλευση που πουλαει ακομα και αν πρεπει να στειλει τον συναθλητη του στον τοιχο.

Δεν ειναι η χρονια ψωριασικη Ναντιτιδα που τον ταλαιπωρει.

Μικερφουλης έγραψε:Το βρηκα-το βρηκα!!


Ειναι οτι θελει να καθεται με την νεολαια


Ακου ρε pουστη. Ακου φορμουλα. Ακου πατεντα! :help: :s_hang ... impending/