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By BARHonda
#845218 ... w-rejected

Για μία φορά ακόμα η FIA παραδίδει μαθήματα ανικανότητας ... MY1arnPkpQ

Ευτυχώς πιάσανε τον Χάμιλτον και τον Λεκλέρκ
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By Geo f1

Πεφτουμε απο τα συννεφα.
Α κατσε απαντησε η κυρια Wolf

Α ρε ΤΟΤΟ τοσα βυσματα και παλι #$@! τρως :svivhaha: :svivhaha:
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By g8777

Xmmmmm :hmmm: :hmmm: :hmmm: :hmmm: :hmmm: :hmmm: :hmmm:

Θα κανω μια προσπαθεια να σας μεταφερω το κλιμα που δημιουργηθηκε στις .ορδές των εμβρυιθών μελετητών τουσπορ αμα τη δημοσιευση της "ειδησης".


Μπαγερν δεν γνωριζω αν θελεις να προσθεσεις κατι επ αυτου.
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By Geo f1
#848441 ααα μαλιστα. Το χ βγηκε βραδυ, επρεπε να το ξεραμε απο το πρωι που επαιζε η αλλη ειδηση. :roll: :roll:
Α ρε τοτο σε πολεμανε :s_empathy :s_empathy
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By g8777
Geo f1 έγραψε:Το χ βγηκε βραδυ, επρεπε να το ξεραμε απο το πρωι που επαιζε η αλλη ειδηση

Αλιμονο αν ειχαμε τετοιες απαιτησεις .
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By g8777
#848494 Οι απαιτησεις αφορουν την κατανόηση κειμένου.
Για να γινω πιο επεξηγηματικος.

Από το bubble wrap που έχω μπροστα μου αυτη τη στιγμη εχω την απαιτηση, ΕΙΝΑΙ ΑΝΕΠΙΤΡΕΠΤΟ :adminpower: να μην κατανοει 3 αραδες ποστ.

Δεν εχω θεσει τα ιδια στανταρ για ολους ομως.
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By g8777
“It is the beginning of the season. F1 is becoming so popular,” he said. “We just need to enjoy the beginning of the season. Look at the competition. Why do we overshadow it with negativity?”

Red Bull turmoil is ‘damaging’ F1, says boss of governing body


:s_bye :s_bye :s_bye :s_bye

Ας μην προτρεχουμε ομως, ο 1ος αγωνας ειναι. :s_howdy
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By Anonymous Founder
#858478 H Alpine υπό διάλυση.
lpine nightmare worsens as technical director and head of aero quit jobs ... -quit-jobs
Alpine’s horrific start to the F1 2024 season has reportedly taken a turn for the worse, with two key resignations.

Technical director Matt Harman and head of aerodynamics Dirk de Beer have both quit, according to RacingNews365.

They have already handed in their notices and are currently serving their notice period, before leaving in April, the report claims.

Crucially, it is reported that their decision was made before the launch of the A524 - which has, so far, performed horribly.

Alpine drivers Esteban Ocon and Pierre Gasly qualified for the season-opening F1 Bahrain Grand Prix in 19th and 20th.

Ocon then finished 17th, and Gasly 18th.

Both drivers had made it clear before the Bahrain weekend that their 2024 car had major limitations, so Alpine arrived for the season-opener in a state of discontent.

The exits of key figures Harman and De Beer are the latest significant behind-the-scenes changes at Alpine.

Last year team principal Otmar Szafnauer and sporting director Alan Permane lost their jobs in a major overhaul.

Pat Fry also quit as chief technical officer, while Laurent Rossi exited his job as CEO.

Ex-Mercedes employee Harman has worked at Alpine for five years, while F1 veteran De Beer returned for a second stint at the team in 2019.
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By mikeerfol

Mohammed Ben Sulayem, president of motorsport's governing body the FIA, is under investigation for allegedly interfering over a Formula 1 race result.

A whistleblower has told the FIA that Ben Sulayem allegedly intervened to overturn a penalty given to Aston Martin's Fernando Alonso at the 2023 Saudi Arabian Grand Prix.

The claim is in a report by an FIA compliance officer to its ethics committee, which has been seen by BBC Sport.

Ben Sulayem and the FIA have not responded to requests for comment.

The allegation made by the whistleblower is that Ben Sulayem called Sheikh Abdullah bin Hamas bin Isa Al Khalifa - the FIA's vice-president for sport for the Middle East and North Africa region, who was in Saudi Arabia for the race in an official capacity - and made it clear he thought Alonso's penalty should be revoked.

Alonso had been given a 10-second penalty for work done on his car while he was serving a previous five-second penalty.

The report, by compliance officer Paolo Basarri, says the whistleblower reported that Ben Sulayem "pretended the stewards to overturn their decision to issue" the penalty to Alonso.

In Italian, the word "pretendere" means to require or expect.

The ethics committee is expected to take four to six weeks to issue its report.

The penalty in question had dropped Alonso from third place - behind Red Bull drivers Sergio Perez and Max Verstappen - to fourth, also behind Mercedes' George Russell. Withdrawing it returned him to a podium position.

In addition, BBC Sport has verified the information with several senior figures at high levels in F1 and close to the FIA. None would go on the record, but all said they had the same information.

Αυτά καλό είναι να μη γίνονται :(