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By g8777
[But] I think we missed a great opportunity this weekend on the tyres decision. I think the entire F1, we should have done something. Sometimes we are discussing a lot and we are not acting.

“So I still feel really ashamed that we didn’t change the specification of tyres for the rest of the season because that would have been a great opportunity to somehow try to close the field.”

Ντροπη τους και απο εμενα Ματτια. Σκοτωνουν το αθλημα, αν ειναι δυνατον να μην φερνουν 2018 spec ελαστικα στη μεση της σαιζον για να νικαει η Φοραδα. Μαφια μαφια !!1!!1!11!!

Let them race μονες τους , Ferrari , Haas και Αλφιστι. Γιατι οχι; Το χουν ξανακανει. :iconcool:
Άβαταρ μέλους
By Zorz
#594335 Bernie Ecclestone: if someone wanted to shoot Vladimir Putin, I’d stand in front of him. He’s a good guy

Ας τον μαζέψει κάποιος... :dizzy: