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By Geo f1
#513371 ... qualifying

We're six rounds into the 2018 season, and Fernando Alonso is now the only driver who is still enjoying a perfect record over his team-mate in qualifying......
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By Corto Maltese
#521022 Ρε συ τζι! Αυτή είναι πιο γριά κι από τον Αλόνσο. ΤΟΣΟ;
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By Corto Maltese
#521116 χε




Καλή η Ελεάνα στα γόνατα τη μεγαλώσαμε αλλά not the real thing :twisted:

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#521127 Και ο Χόρνερ συνεχίζει τα ληγμένα... :vava:

When asked if Red Bull is a title contender this year, Horner said: "I think that we definitely have an outside chance.

"Nine races, three victories, the same amount of wins as Ferrari and Mercedes. Our Achilles heel has been not scoring with both cars, either through reliability our other incidents.

"Formula One's full of ifs, buts and maybes, but if you look at the positions that we were in and should have been in then we should be leading the championship today.But the scoreboard is slightly different to that." ... ampionship