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By Geo f1
#350580 Team principal Vasseur leaves Renault F1 team

Renault team principal Fred Vasseur has resigned from the Enstone-based operation on the eve of the 2017 Formula 1 season.

The Frenchman, who enjoyed great success in junior categories as head of ART, joined Renault at the start of last season as it began a restructuring on its return to grand prix racing as a manufacturer team.

While the team endured a challenging season on track, Vasseur worked with Renault F1 managing director Cyril Abiteboul on a major restructuring and recruitment drive to help it move forward in the longer term.

During the middle of the campaign, Vasseur was made team principal, with Abiteboul moving to a factory role at Enstone to help guide the operation.

However, it is understood that Vasseur had differences of opinion with senior management figures about the direction the outfit needed to take, and felt it better that he no longer stay on board.

"After a first season spent relaunching and rebuilding its Formula 1 team, Renault Sport Racing and Frederic Vasseur have agreed by mutual consent to part company, effective as of today," a statement said.

"Both parties remain committed to maintaining the good working relationship they have enjoyed and expect this to take a new form sometime in the future."
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By belgarion
#356237 ... 68053/?s=1
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By g8777
#356330 End of an era. :s_bye

Οσο και αν γιγαντωθηκε η F1 υπο τον Περνει μεχρι τα mid 00's , η αδυναμια να συμβαδισουν με την εποχη του ιντερνετ για να ανανεωσουν την fan base , η απουσια ανταγωνισμου, οι οδηγοι χωρις προσωπικοτητα κλπ κλπ μαζεψαν πολλα μαυρα συννεφα επανω απο τα motorhome.

Οι προθεσεις της Liberty Media ειναι σαφεις:

Carey is considering the expansion of the schedule from 20 races a year to 25 – with grands prix in Miami, Las Vegas and Los Angeles, to exploit Liberty’s contacts in those markets and create “destination events” – and to give each one Super Bowl levels of promotion.
Liberty has also expressed a desire to safeguard F1’s historic European races, not least the British Grand Prix at Silverstone, to expand in Latin American beyond Mexico and Brazil, and to attract a younger audience through digital channels in which Ecclestone has shown negligible interest.

Μονο και μονο γι αυτο βλεπω τον Λουη με 18 πρωταθληματα ακομα :inlove: μεσω Πορτα-Πορτα των ΕΛΤΑ. :s_airkiss

Liberty’s priority, the group explained to the FIA on Wednesday, is to attract more fans to the sport around the world and to dramatically increase television ratings. Rivalries between drivers are likely to be fiercely promoted, with greater effort made to explain this season’s complex technological changes to viewers. The switch from free-to-air to pay TV has had a dramatic effect on audiences in crucial markets in Asia, where Malaysia and Singapore are both on the point of giving up the races they host.

Despite F1’s vast riches, many elements of the sport’s running have become amateurish in the modern media age, with little to no research conducted on how to build the sport’s fanbase.

Eddie το βλεπεις και συ, το βλεπω και γω. :s_yes
Συνεντευξη τυπου Πεμπτης πριν το GP Αυστραλιας, στα ντεκ Λουης-Αστουροβλαχος:


Λογικα θα εχουμε και επιστροφη Πατερα Ρον :s_yes :yahoo: :inlove:

Ο Τσεβι Τσεις (copyrighted) παντως το ξεκινησε καλα το πραγμα. :s_laughat

ΔΙΑ ΘΑ ΤΣΟΝΤΑΡΕΙΣ;;; :svivhaha: :svivhaha: :svivhaha: :svivhaha:

(Που να ανοιξουν και το μπαουλο της Schumi era, με Δοξα Πενταλοφου και Ομονοια Σινδου θα τους στειλουν να τρεχουν :s_biggrin )

:omg: :omg: :omg:

ΕΞΩ ΟΙ ΝΤΙΝΤΗΔΕΣ ΑΠΟ ΤΙΣ ΠΙΣΤΕΣ :protest: :protest: :protest:
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By g8777
#356424 Τωρα που το ξαναβλεπω Μπουσσε, κοιτα ρωγα ο Χορνυ με τον Τζιμ Καρευ. ΚΟΙΤΑ ΡΩΓΑ. :lipsealed: :lipsealed: :lipsealed: :lipsealed:

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By EDDIE_147
#356433 Η στιγμή που ο Στρολ ετοιμάζεται να περάσει το Λούη στο Μονακό του 2021.