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By EDDIE_147
#338381 ... -hollywood

Nico Rosberg open to a future in Hollywood

"We'll be in Ibiza, with the Christmas tree, the family dinner and the turkey! Then, I'll look at new projects where I can show my commitment but that'll wait until the New Year."

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By Bayern7
#346349 Ferrari triggers suspension row with FIA complaint over Mercedes-style systems

Ferrari has triggered a controversy over high-tech suspension systems on the eve of the 2017 season after lodging a complaint to the FIA about technology pioneered by Mercedes. ... le-systems
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mikeerfol έγραψε:Manor F1 team goes into administration

Αυτό μάλλον στα Νέα Ιανουαρίου 2017 πρέπει να πάει. Μήπως να το άνοιγες το τοπικό;
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By Νίκος Παππάς
#353326 Ferrari για εμένα, αναμενόμενο για την ηλικία μου

Από το Moto G